Dallas Woods - Is What It Is Lyrics
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    Is What It Is

    Mr. EK, Mr. EK, Mr. EK
    I'm just a rapper, rapper, rapper

    I'm just a rapper with a habit of slappin' rappers for practice (Smack)
    Title of the story, no happily ever after
    You can test the waters, no parlay packed to the rafters
    Y'all don't fit your profile, like a cat fishin' disaster (Woah, fuck)
    Sleepin' giant just woke up (Uh-huh)
    Shy kid at the back of the class finally spoke up
    Motormouth, bite your tongue, or get your throat cut
    These industry bullies didn't notice they on notice
    I need them to notice the peckin' order, I had enough
    What they projectin' and accolades just ain't addin' up
    We switch profession, no effort, so why they mad at us?
    Country boy in the states, term Alabama tough
    Bomb squad
    I'll whoop your ass in your mum's yard
    Ain't got beef with anybody, 'less they want some
    My brother, where you been at?
    Legit, it's been a minute
    Don't talk about the hood, I asked around
    You ain't been in it
    We far from law abidin'
    We the reason they deploy the sirens
    Pressure got 'em leakin' on the street like water hydrants
    I guess ya pull a little different when you orbit giants
    Flow out of this world, no Rick and Morty science
    If my arly and my bala, no subby, then change the subby (Uh)
    Get lippy then get chipped by cuzzy, shit could get ugly
    I'm not tryna talk that talk, my brother, trust me
    Gully ready to annihilate anyone who confront me
    That's my old chap
    Hardest in the city, that's a known fact
    Leave your chin right where your nose at, brother know that
    They told be me, brother, fuck what they say (They say)
    'Cause if the truth hurts, haha, what the fuck could they say?
    You'll never hear my bros yellin' out, "Gang, gang"
    But I would take a bullet for them boys, it's the same thing
    Need a little moonlight when you dancin' with satan
    Only makes sense in a world godforsaken
    Leaders are racist (Uh)
    Racists are leaders
    First they undermined us
    Then overachieved us
    I watched from the sidelines
    I watched from the bleachers (Woah)
    Learned from the students
    But nothin' from teachers
    Really what did they teach us?
    So put respect on my name
    Used to think material and blow a check on a chain
    I'm still looked the wrong way and get checked on a train
    Young Ernie Dingo bark and get smacked in the face, ah

    Man, it is what it is
    Man, it is what it is
    Man, it is what it is
    I'm the hardest in the biz, man, it is what it is
    Man, it is what it is (Uh-huh)
    Man, it is what it is
    Man, it is what it is
    I'm the hardest in the biz, man, it is what it is
    (Okay, uh)
    Man, it is what it is
    I'm the hardest in the biz, I'm the hardest


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