Daniel La Toure - IBeenLonely Lyrics
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    Got so many problems Yeah They lined up
    I just need to fuckin Clear my mind up
    I Been MIA But Now I'm showed up

    That Girl stabbed my heart but I'm Okay now
    Hit you up thought i could see you now
    Cause you the only one who could Nurse me back to health
    I know I'm always talkin bout myself
    I'm a victim of my own crimes
    Feel like you ain't got no time
    To deal with this
    Seem like you ain't having it
    I'm sorry, listen

    You the type of girl I'd like to wife up
    True Ride or die, For You girl I'd give this life up
    Not a 9 to 5 but I'd still suit up
    Kept you waitin, know i put you through it
    I know i been some bad luck
    Told me you don't know me no more
    We got the timing so wrong
    Couple birdies chirped in my circle but you thе only one who really loved mе foreal
    I had some exes and they hurt me foreal
    Usually can't open up I'm always frightened bout feels

    I been in a dark place I feel usless
    Pops showed me last year that world is a bitch
    You gotta gaup up and find a beach with a crib
    Find you a baddie and don't talk to your kids


    Girl I'm just talkin shit
    I'm just talkin shit


    Tell me bout yo day to day
    You ain't got much to say
    I'm Tryna make it the way
    It used to be between us
    But you too far away
    I'm not desperate but I'm feeling lonely everyday
    Don't get me wrong more than a few girls tryna fuck with me But i can't trust em i can't
    Know I'm thirsty for some passion not a one night stand
    I'm lusting on your body know that booty a 10
    So i gotta admit that you 1 of 2
    She a safety net but she proly hate me too
    Lets just say compared to her you kinda new

    No matter what happens

    I Want you to know

    You're amazing
    You're amazing

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