DaRealKourt - Scarred from Love Lyrics
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    Scarred from Love

    We use to fight all thru the night & shit and all we ever do is argue about the same shit Kourtney who you messing with who the this other bitch lord I’m so tired of her accusing me about the same shit

    Nobody’s perfect I can be a witness
    My last few decisions I was trippin damn near killed me

    This gilt eating me alive some body need to pray for me
    I never fight fire with fire that’s how you get killed homie

    Now it’s hard for me to love becausе my past relationship waking up every morning saying Kourtnеy you need to shake this shit
    Kourtney you gotta Bounce back & get back on yo shit but this time When you come up I know you gonna be fucking rich

    I block out all the fucking hatin please get off my dick because y’all wasn’t really with toting stikes
    These niggas pussy never solid be quick to snitch

    Lil that the Nigga know I done fuck his bitch
    Uh yeah
    & all my niggas really solid banging crip
    “I got to get it out the soul”


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