Denouncement Pyre - Burn This World and Start Again Lyrics
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    Burn This World and Start Again

    On burning paths lie the corpses of defeat
    From lessons learned across bridges burned
    The illusion of gold, yields more questions than answers, more lies than truth
    Condemning deceit
    That which shatters all belief

    A journey into the vast coldness of the night
    Where you abandon all that must be left behind

    What will become of all of man's failures?
    They gather in troughs to be looked upon with scorn
    Illumination denies a path for dreamеrs
    All is fleeting, just as the world you were lеaving

    Down this road leads to the exit of the soul
    Like a burning effigy of all of man's sorrow
    That carried me through the gates beyond mortality
    For he who cast his eye to the abyss
    Is he who would no longer fear death

    Through tribulations I realise the answer
    To Burn This World And Start Again
    Along winding roads, the dead lead the blind and the blind follow on
    You walk alone, captive to the abyss that stares into your soul

    Death, the doorway to inner paradise
    Into the eye of the Dragon to open the gates

    Show your teeth, with bloody jaws to sound your call
    Know your enemy, even those voices that lie within
    The noose is tightened, don't surrender to its grip

    Until all meets it end

    This is a path that few will dare to tread
    And just when you realise, the truth so cold will remind you
    And in despair you cry out but find no mercy here
    When all is behind you
    Forward we march into the darkness
    Captive to the abyss that stares into your soul


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