Digga D - 60 Dead Opps Lyrics
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    60 Dead Opps

    Come on, CGM
    Free the gang
    Fuck the opps
    Fuck South Kilburn
    Fuck North Kilburn
    Fuck Church Road
    Fuck Mozart
    Fuck Northolt
    Fuck Southall
    Fuck Greenford
    Fuck Bush
    Fuck Junction
    Fuck Mitcham
    Fuck KG
    Who else is there?
    Fuck Golborne
    Just fuck everyone man, we're out here, CGM shit

    Tubz got bun, Olag got bun
    Frankie got bun, M2 got bun
    ? got bun
    Whiteboy got bun
    (bah bah) Try run
    What the fuck is Zero Ls?
    If they've got guns got zero shells (Nope)
    We pull up at clubs and kick off doors
    We ain't bringing no bells
    Ratlin got cheffed, Fredo got cheffed
    Playboy got cheffed, Tragic got cheffed
    ? got cheffed, ? got cheffed
    Maleek got cheffеd then left
    Peanut got chеffed as Mugz got cheffed
    Dominic should've been dead (dead)
    Rico got cheffed then sliced ?
    Mello got cheffed what a mess
    Obama got a throwing knife in his chest
    Mello got cheffed in high street Ken
    Smiley done got cheffed in Golborne
    I told him 'you shouldn't be chilling with them' (Nope, nope)
    Lil Amro got whacked off his ped
    Fuck North Kilburn we chef them ?
    South Kilburn ? got cheffed in pen
    ? got poked two different times
    Sef got bored two different occasions
    Big Blanco and Lil Blanco been caught and they've both been shaven
    Sean and Mugz got cheffed
    Plus, Adz got left as a patient
    Tubbz got shanked up bad, crying and lying there on the pavement
    T1 and L1 done been wetted
    And, Tye1 done been wetted
    And, everyone done been wetted
    And, A1 done been wetted
    Two times J1 been wetted
    And, they all got caught and spreaded
    Plus, Remz got popped in Trapstar, but, he's gonna lie so forget it
    Kenny black got caught and wetted, your boy ? got caught and wetted
    I'm mad like Niko Bellic
    I bored up Twin, left him with a medic
    F2 got chinged on Glo Gang but since no-one knows what a jokeman (dickhead)
    Gwopz got bored in his face, bro
    It sounds like we bored up their whole gang (Bluwuu)
    Striker done up ?
    And, Horrid cheffed up Jeezy
    And, Shafs got chinged, that's easy
    And, Tugz got chinged, he's neeky
    And, bro done shot Young ?
    Oh, yeah I forgot MBizz
    Then, Twin got chinged up again
    I saw his blood on broski's nizz (bluwuu)
    What's that? More than 50
    There's more names, I can make it 60
    Bro, stabbed Young Creepz til ?
    Bro, Box got wetted up quickly
    And, Duli got cheffed on Carni
    Them man's mad cause we splashed their barbies
    We've cheffed more guys in the T
    We just don't know all their names and their armies
    ? and Stormy done been cheffed
    Sav and Jordan done been cheffed
    I whacked Devo in his neck (ugh)
    Gunbucked Quikkz in his head
    Zino got cheffed in his face
    Gang come through and chef up the place
    We cheffed up so many man
    Rewind the song, let me count up the names (yuck)


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