Dr. ischyros - Fear the truth to unroot Lyrics
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    Fear the truth to unroot

    Flowers flourish amongst their graves
    if you can look between two worlds
    with their opposing overview
    we climb between barriers
    enforced upon the sea
    For the humming of the wind
    A desolate bird descends toward the heaven
    as they cast their spears
    to the earth's crust and ancient tearing
    the world's not bound to end but your end is near
    But alter the resilience of the growth of a flower
    they nеither reaped nor plowеd forsaken
    evoked the thought of evil within the monument
    the dawn of the evening overlooked the sky
    where flowers are overgrown upon their cemeteries
    for the sacrament beheld the divined truth
    the sword he withdrew Nameless graves
    The lies beyond are never overlooked
    unto unroot to its seed
    crippled blood of the sacrament flourished
    the sea brought upon the calamity of war
    masked devils of the deceased unveil
    There are scars from their enemy's plead
    their eyes flickered and so reaped the churchyards
    undefined truth they claim
    for ignorance was there resolve
    Pity your existence humans
    for you are torn from stem to root
    You're secrets and pain fear them to unroot
    for the seed, you planted with such consideration
    for the lands beyond
    scaped the walls of luscious greenery to admiration
    lay ruins of high walls overlooking the overview
    where valleys of trees overtaken overgrown
    and the king of truth is unspoken off
    for guidance was the wing
    Yet testify against your own will
    revoked upon prosperity
    peace be the devil's will
    for your doubts unheard
    bear the flames swelling
    passive was the voice of understanding
    and from a millennium ago
    his head layed bestowed upoun ancient stones
    Where vines overlooked ancient worlds


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