Dr. ischyros - For i have rung the silvered knell Lyrics
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    For i have rung the silvered knell

    For the impact was greater than the death of John F. Kennedy
    where nuclear projectiles and sounds make melody
    and do thou dishonest "saint" does thy courtesy
    is it not to defy the law and order of their policy
    Until then I have rung the knell
    that could render the mirror aviation detail
    could then dismantle the vision of heresy and
    abide by the psyche of symmetry
    could tilt the winds appendage odometry
    onе either side burnishеd was the appendage mirror view inflict propel

    birded of the propellers extension the civic did sail into Rotational Symmetrical
    for the furnace was greater than the mental resilience of hell
    until the glass of consistency does decline
    till the appendage does fail to Aline
    the establishment collapse halted Devine
    could infrastructure the plane of its appendage
    came with the landing to its direct definite destination of 9/11
    for they were the first thousand the descendants of heaven
    lor I do not predict their there-millennium
    but to already know twice the unfiltered truth of its occurrence

    Will not alter the fatal inclusion from the pilot's perspective
    for the propellers, quill pummel conquers sci-fi for it was the director's directive
    "dare" did they use motion detectors?
    Calculus could then render the plane of its vector?
    therefore no discipline or a felony nor will the forensics do an autopsy
    overdrive was the perspective that renewed the unknown of its equity
    How delinquent was the crime of the infliction of unknown revolution
    de inflicted was the chime that flickered the institution
    into the holocaust, their windpipe slaughtered was the conclusion
    for the words I speak became the Sulfate dissolution

    for the propeller arrived inclined to thy momentum
    dare do the deceased revoke a flicker of lights spectrum
    two towers on the earth's depopulated surface
    There it stood for the planes altitudes re-surface
    the torrent came down to which governed the banquet
    for I show no concern about the incident that occurred that day
    for then to say celebrate September the 11th
    the day that marked the day of 9 the 11th
    but to laugh at the decreased population of the unarrived descendants
    Evidently, contemplating their graves

    fathomless became the cloth of precipitation of the rain
    reap their immortal existence dare do hath the art of 9/11
    because this event depicts Shakespeare's plays
    For he had yet been deceased in his own hearse
    merely a sigh silence was the death and yet did the lead disperse
    And with this song the rhythm dispersed do compose to the forensics
    flare become the structures radiation decline
    and the saints of the unknown incline the wing
    to the furnace that brought the devil alive dismantle the instrument
    to then evaluate between artifacts of ancient life

    could then the one himself restore the ascension
    for I will slaughter the civic of its intervention
    predisposed the steel there'll be no resurrection
    to then observe the visual perspective
    declined the sin of the churchyard glass enclosure
    Were the bayonets deflective?


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