Dr. ischyros - The boundaries between good and evil Lyrics
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    The boundaries between good and evil

    the devil clasps his will
    and so he reveals
    the disturbance of the peace
    he plans to kill those who mock him
    And so he reaps
    those who challenge the sun
    will face the disruption of the peace
    the uproar of the angels in the heavens
    they cheered the demise of the devil satan.
    And to all those deceased
    he ceased the existence of the one himself
    pity the existence of humanity itself
    revealing their wings also he stood before him
    And thus deceived and lored him
    The angels spread their wings
    hide thy glory to god for it is my warth
    which is the reason why I cause upheaval
    the sudden clangor
    and thus tries to stop him
    with all his might and force
    hence the war between warth and daylight
    provoke the devil also your arms and thine eyes will swell-like
    I have solemnly rung the knell
    oh thy ones depart in that place no sense of concern within me
    of your close departed relatives
    thy I deny prosperity of those who defy me
    thus the subjects of your father are irrelative
    rebel against the will of the devil far from the Catholics of the churches
    withdraw the swords from your hand grin also leer
    testify against the will of satan
    oppose his rights to the revelation
    he will cast the spears of disfigured angel faces
    be denied as god disgraces
    be deceived naive ones follow my regulations
    Don't listen to the devils' wicked deeds
    as well as his companions
    those who claim to be saints
    because these are false accusations
    such the belief as to the immortal sin
    defy their belief there be no discipline
    defy the belief as to the divine retribution
    deaf to nor hear the speech of my solution
    The wage of war is my resolution
    blameless of the devil those he sent the rebels to repent
    there frame they fear there slaughtered
    face the out result ignore the will of god
    Your sins inclined abide forgiven
    Suffer die be bedridden
    brought by the servant was an apple with such delight the thick smell of blood
    thought the protest of protestants oblivious to the argument
    and with words he dares did defy the word of god
    thou angles do comply
    dare do the humans worship false idols and deny
    abolish the word of god
    rain down the plague and cause the memory distortion
    memories revoked the thoughts of the evil
    calamity comes like chariots across the sea
    thy he reaps the soul he reaps thee
    the fate of the world I wish I could unsee
    and thought the fog of the evening
    disfigured angels reap their souls of the leading
    he gave us peace and prosperity
    we hide from the lights of god
    we serve the devil merrily
    the likeness of god meek children abide taught
    whipped to understanding to the devil's knot
    and so embedded in your head
    the masked angels of the courtyards to which your deceived
    These knotted lies like tangled thread


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