Dr. ischyros - War is the reslove Lyrics
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    War is the reslove

    a cruel world at the hands of fate
    a masked angel who acts as a saint
    and what our future will come to be
    what freedom do we cease
    Does the world cease to be
    Is genocide the answer to thee
    when eternal darkness overlaps the world
    will you rethink your sins
    will you consider the unworthy actions prostrated to thee
    neither ceases to exist in these days
    let your trust towards the devil swell thy flames
    I renounce genocide, my people, for bloodshed is the resolve of this situation
    displaying dead bodies broken bones mass genocide is what I call retribution
    genocide to all nations is the punishment that may be ongoing for generations
    let's rejoice in the name of the devil
    I declare by this day and by and authority that genocide shall be enforced
    new year's resolution genocide is retribution for the bloodshed of the good and the innocents of evil
    sealed with chains it is I who restricts their freedom
    the right to freedom in a forbidden search
    Do let the world hear these words
    it is I who neglect dignity
    the unjust judgment is thought equity
    inequality defines us or so I say to you
    inequality is the definition of our society
    the impudence of a dying humane
    your sins will be resented
    you'll face despair the abundance! of pain!
    Be! Cursed for your sins! does humanity cease to listen for the justice of all humans
    as I hurled down my crown the new world will cease to be a world of disturbed peace a new king has arisen
    his name let the prophecy of genocide be proclaimed because genocide is the retribution
    Oh, high king! King of all kings! This is my resolution I declare the declaration of war


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