Earth Surface People - Elizabeth 1 Lyrics
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    Elizabeth 1

    Remember that same day

    "You know what Dakota said to me today
    After school?"

    I said "what?"

    She goes

    "You need to tell him, you need to sit him
    Down and talk to him, cause he thinks that Larry's
    Got two ladies, hes got two wives, I think that's
    What he's thinking"

    I said
    "well what'd he say?"

    'He said that
    "Grandma, did you know my daddy had, has another lady
    And that's where my brother Lance came from?"'

    'That's what he said to me!'

    'You better talk to him, hes gonna be telling everybody
    "my dad has two ladies"
    That his brother didn't come from my mom, he came
    From a different lady'

    Oh my gosh
    Everybody was laughing about it for a couple of months
    Cause of course Grandma told everybody

    "you know what dakota said? Liz's little son?"

    I'm like "oh my gosh just tell everybody"


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