Edbl - Cigars Lyrics
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    While we smoke cigars, lead ourselves astray and play our broke guitars
    And we’re worlds apart, I’ll keep playing to the train to see shooting star

    Verse 1:

    Somethings different in the way they breathe
    Somethings distant in the way the speak
    Can’t take silence for nothing but I guess its sweet
    Cos it was always cheeks up when I sold my dream

    And now I got a taste for a sour path
    Waste away the days it’s a shame how the hours pass
    Only me to blame search for change in a broken yard
    Shit is all the same swigging water from a champagne glass

    But Still I spark a cigar
    And they can say what they like
    I ain’t a lover for dark
    But i been loving the light
    It’s All a part of the graft
    Think I’ve been doing it right
    Maybe one day I’ll be sitting nice

    Verse 2:
    Burnt my tongue trying to taste gold before
    Try sell my dreams I’ll close the store
    Try sell my songs on broken thoughts cause I can’t feel the love anymore
    But they don’t like a loser, seems the down days choose ya, hard hits bruise ya
    Still got soul and a steel-capped heart ‘til I drive down Western in a blacked-out cruiser

    Verse 3:

    Alright another quick sixteen bruv I’ll do it for the hell of it
    Lead ourselves astray I’ve lost all sense of etiquette
    I flipped MJ now Annie’s asking if I’m okay
    Couple radio plays and they ask me how I’m shelling it

    But I’m on making memories for a lifetime
    People come, money go, I’ll just wait until the times right
    And I won’t stop till I’m standing in the limelight
    But I won’t be waiting round for no millionaires life life

    See id phone a friend but half my friends are phony
    I mean where were you in times when I was down and lonely
    Bruvva I was down and out and now their tryna phone me
    It’s like step by step they slowly wanna know me

    Cos with a little bit of clout now everybody’s on the wagon
    Imagine, truth is I never thought this would happen
    Remember days jumping trains right from Brighton to Clapham
    Htown boy with the same old passion

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