Ego Mackey - ​rain fallin still noddin Lyrics
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    ​rain fallin still noddin

    [Verse 1: ego mackey]
    Rain fallin', ignoring all the calls and I woke up still noddin'
    Woke up still haunted, all these highs to go get lost in
    Walkin' round, all in a pocket
    I'm still sellin' bags, dreamside 2099 black flag
    Getting high off ether rags, don't care bout my genre tag
    Finally getting money I'm so sick, so glad, and I keep my haters all so mad
    What they thought it was, came through, shootin' off the yellow tuss
    Need to replace my guts they on rust and the whole world can get fucked
    Eight billion bitches no trust, yeah, I'm always high what's the fuss
    No, I can never do enough, runs a eternal in my blood this is my true love
    So many drugs it start to lag, best sеx she ever had
    I don't еven remember though, damn, brain so fried I just need bands
    So if we fuck baby bring the cash, and i’lll leave it burnin wit the ash
    Brain burnin, burnin, till it go and crash, somethings I can't leave in the past
    And i dont even know if I can, and I don't even know if I can...
    On four different opiates that's just the dope, 1200 dollar pints, 600 dollar smoke
    Don't need it but I bought my beam a scope, still servin', still burnin' cash, never goin' broke
    You busted that shit, you sniffin ain't no coke, know your street pass already been revoked
    Life tough but I got a few ways to cope, dope dick givin' her the stroak and choke
    And they praise me like I'm the pope, and my opps still hatin' fact I'm breathin got em provoked
    Naah, we gon' cutt off your hopes (I know they all jus jokes)

    Damn, son, where'd you find this?

    [Verse 2: Keith Ape]
    Where you at?
    Pussy ass ninja, all right, yeah, yeah
    I'm going insane, I'm going in, I'm going in for real
    I'm going [?]
    They can't steal my swag, 'cause [?]
    You're so lame [?]
    Just me, I like being me, bitch


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