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    I got the plug it's a dummy plug, bastard
    I'm moving with shells like the ghost apparatus
    I don't fuck with you, I'm not ever reacting
    I'm filling your casket with battery acid
    Nails they are black and the fails they are adding
    Up to subtraction, I feel like subtracting
    Your limbs from your anatom, E the new Adam
    Throwin dem bullets for play like it's madden
    I feel like all of you niggas be cappin
    You see they look and can't believe they be rapping
    About the hardest inauthentic shit ever, forever
    And cuz of the beats they be slappin
    I've been in hell that you cannot imaginе
    I walk with some phantoms that you cannot fathom
    Dead bodies bе walkin with E in a tandem
    I need me a mansion for all of this madness
    I need me expansion for all of this tragedy
    Thinking strategic it's strategy
    Ain't got no label backing me, if they was
    They'd be backstabbing me
    While I can't feel it, you feeling me
    I cannot feel you, I'm feeling me
    I can't feel nothing, I'm really me
    All of you lie about being lonely


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