Example - Popcorn & Fisticuffs Lyrics
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    Popcorn & Fisticuffs

    Why'd you get that ticket if you're only gonna talk
    I came to catch a film and there's nothing being caught
    And more to the point fella this is just a thought
    Why you eatin popcorn when they've covered it in salt

    I came to watch a film and eat popcorn
    You came here to just talk
    If this carries on we'll lock horns
    Like they do in the movies son

    [Verse 1]
    My right hand popcorn, sweet never salted
    Left hand holding the girl I'm escorting
    Films already started so we're quiet as we walk in
    As I take a seat there's already people talking
    Dunno what it is but if it's adults or it's kids
    In the cinema, people are chattin like they in a bar
    What is this a seminar on chatting inane?
    Look, I'm tryna watch this dude jumping out of a plane
    The kiddies in the front row (chitter chatter chitter chatter)
    The Lovers in the back row (kiss kiss kiss)
    The dude kicking my chair like (tap tap tap tap)
    This gang of idiots take the (piss piss piss)
    A couple of explosions it's quiet for a moment
    I'm ready to explode myself losing composure
    (Chitter chatter chitter) Right you're ticking me off
    Shut the fuck up, watch the film or we're kicking off

    [Hook x2]

    [Verse 2]
    Now I got my girlfriend, she giving me some earache
    "As if you'd do that in real life on a first date"
    I made a rule to steer clear of aggression sessions
    Whether it's a rom com, a thriller or a western
    Now for the whole film, she can only ask three questions
    Once she done that she gotta button it
    Hush her lip and no love I ain't getting couple-y
    Devoted to you utterly but not when watching films
    My girly in my left ear (who's that in the red hat?)
    The fatty to my right like (munch crunch munch)
    Here she goes again like (I thought he was dead)
    Look, no love he's isn't, see he only got a punch
    10 minutes of silence, things are looking better
    But whenever there's never a sound
    Waiting for an over clever noise from whoever's around
    Sitting on the edge of my seat
    And it ain't cause of the film, it's the idiots

    [Hook x2]

    [Verse 3]
    Right you, you fucking chatty face you're starting to rub
    Me up the wrong way - fuck off down the pub
    It's bad enough my woman chattin crap in my earhole
    Without you talking out loud like a hero
    Trust me son you're nothing like a Robert De Niro
    Character, have a chair or I'm a go all cavalier
    And start getting more than medieval on your arse
    Your visits to the cinema this'll be the last
    The kiddies in the front row (Shut your flippin face mate)
    The lovers in the back row (why you gotta talk)
    The dude tappin my chair like (keep it down please yeah)
    My girly in my ear like (but he was in New York)
    Look, I only wanna hear what this dude is tryna say to me
    And now I got the whole damn room laying in to me
    Security appear and flash their torches down my row
    Er, sir can you leave please, you're spoiling the show?

    [Hook x2]


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