E.Z.O. (Artist) - Nathalie Emmanuel Lyrics
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    Nathalie Emmanuel

    Suburban urban letting off Hansel and Gretel for disturbing the carried motion
    Poseidon, monuments built, destroyed
    London’s bridging the gap
    Teeth alignment
    Been a riot but not in the coldest winters
    The blisters came from the sinister six when the fist kisses the face during filibusters
    Muster strength for the cognac shot
    Bop to the loose leaf terror when I shop for the hot top
    All for the love of you
    Came from the needle, vinyl
    Stop with the soap op

    Meddlе in deep affairs leaves them scrubbing top to bottom
    Oh, dеar!
    Piglet is running low on his big options
    Just like that, another Chris buried by media drowning, clown heads got wiser than pennies in the air
    Simon Says
    Ain’t no Cowell
    Raise the tempo, Colin Powell
    Alicia, sexy Sativa, dripping in the towel
    Lost the essentials
    Me and my noggin when I go off with no cap
    This rat pack amnesiac set fire to Elmo’s wonderland without a thought to react and now the blowback come like an uppercut from Mike Tyson losing his Pontiac
    Jump the river gorge
    Forge a new sword with swashbuckling Amber alerts stroking swords
    Roughhousing from the gridiron homestead
    That’s no heaven for those hell-bent to live Fauci’s lives of COVID
    Blah blah, little dumbass inbred
    Now back to the tools from the shed
    Unleashed a couple of kicks that made Bobby be resurrected
    Jet Li with the swiftly make you fearlessly underestimate a hero in your vicinity and turn requiem dreams into Adam Driver’s monologue on T.E.D. talks you could watch from home instead of catching fleas
    But please
    Alliances gone quiet when I revel in their silence
    Jiggy to the nightlife like Koreans inviting
    Tidings hang
    Baby slang, Ga, Ga
    Choking on those aspirations
    Need aspirin from this poetic slaying of a Super Saiyan?
    Watch you see from the sober elder
    Tender to this fender bender when I split the 5 and tenner like I’m singing baritone to saxophone players
    Musical chairs now leveled up since I rain craters like Superman’s meteor showers
    This ain’t no lack for his Tower of Babel
    Icicle junior taking one off the odd bark
    Ain’t burnt but I still flash greatness like my name’s Bart
    Phantasm with the actions and have Simba and Aladdin wondering how this magic happening
    Genie splashing when I manufacture captions
    Catch my bar?
    Probably don’t know how I understood laws of attraction
    It’s bare minimum for the cinnamon
    Miss Nathalie, can we get us some?
    Got ‘em all day like tax evasion rain on your parade, son
    Pattycake to this happy skylark gone lucky lucky from the times I worked for NCIS, squeaky Ducky
    Sorry for pulling the funny bone, Dougie
    Ain’t see me shake my legs loose like
    Change hidden in a playboy bunny
    Tribal armory hides my spear I shear
    Shoulda coulda woulda done did it with sentences couldn’t break homophone lyrics from last year
    Oh, dear
    Here we are again
    Von Trappin’ with the lads as I take the Jesus wheel and steer
    Swallow, a sparrow high in the sky
    Two waves, two halves
    Bombastic since I got balls on the court
    Times Square
    Raise the glass
    This good place I landed on
    Black Ted Danson, cheers
    Walking the dead ones to the pier
    No fears, the wretch spoke
    Prayer hopes
    Tiger Goat, oxymoron
    Big headed for this tulip in front, call me Zordon
    Let’s elope, getaway
    Kid machine gun spray couple ABCs like nomenclature in chemistry (Brr!)
    Nathalie Emmanuel
    That’s all folks!

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