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    You Only Live Twice

    {verse 1}: f. mills

    Fighting through the hate while biting through this etouffee
    Foot my own bill in spite of who was left to pay
    When all my friends left i flighted who was left and stayed
    And we been to them states
    You just starting to travel
    Been to all of them places back when i was shaking rattles
    Let’s get the foundation straight i’m a mogul in making
    They got me floating on this track while my tour bus is waiting, got money seated front to back let’s end all this debating
    See you folks are mistaken, you’d never total my savings
    They only know me at the venuе
    This show is for taking
    The spotlight is only on me, only the only, he who remains i likе gliding in calm seas
    But prepared for the wake, i just palm this calm breeze
    Spit psalms under palm trees
    Don’t relax there’s no time for comfy
    She ordered the steak i’ll have burgers and pommes fritz
    Told me to stay but i like more of em on me
    Told her keep the faith but i’m not one i’m the only
    Begotten son
    I like more than one, told her this all for fun
    I have just only begun
    All of this bullshit done
    How yall live with ya self when y’all try to pull shit on
    This track i’ll do full flips on
    I’m back with a full clip on
    Spitting sermons nigga getting his pulpit on
    I’m ramboing through the sand storming
    I’m flamboyant with this clairvoyance
    We flash foreigns look like transformers
    I’m optimal primed and buoyant i am mad poignant
    Extreme ownership i ain’t the one for finger-pointing, it’s so disappointing
    Friends i looked at as family gave em grace periods an amnesty what a travesty, was safe here
    Now for some reason, i turned into who they fear
    Held em all accountable funny now they just stay clear
    Guilty vibes i seen it all through their eyes
    Mean as my city skies i mean it no witty lines
    I swear between the scenic i seen it like fifty times
    Sometimes it’s just routine and no thing to you it’s design its clean
    So beautiful all way down to her cuticles
    Got her away from squares, got her outta her cubicle
    Got her away from there, got her outta her suburu
    Saw her roof and the tears asked her where is moving to?
    Said she feeling more suitable, told her tell me her fears, now she pushing a coupe or two
    21 years infantry 11b i’m a super troop

    I u-hauled from sioux falls with two balls
    By myself i’m just doloing i’m too raw
    I’m not the blame i’m just manifesting what you saw

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