Faze - Skit 3 (Independent) Lyrics
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    Skit 3 (Independent)

    Ahn daddy, I’ll be going to the studio right now
    Ill be back may be around 6 in the evening or tomorrow morning
    Just tell mummy i’ll be back this evening or tomorrow
    I know you are going to the studio once more but sit down
    Because there is something very important I want to tell you
    You know this is the beginning of a good thing in your life
    And God has given you talent and for it to last long
    Always endeavour to do good
    So that your children children will reap what you have sowed
    In other words they will reap the benefit of goodness
    Ndubadnyi kuku te makama nanugo nеmema
    Abu odunnmodu nyeni (aje sir)


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