FNFLyricist - Cycles WITH LYRICS - EXE 3.0 REBUILD Lyrics
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    Come and join the fun
    We're just starting, son
    One by one
    Crush your bones till they’re dust

    I've been better off, running far away
    From the torture you bring to this day

    Don't come here to break the cycles
    I can see your scared, with much trouble

    I’ve come to win in this trifle
    Can't be seen, insanity's subtle

    ‘X' will be your new reference
    We'll see who's up next
    Soon to be
    One of the best
    Minions of mine
    We'll just have to see, and usе the time
    Like thе wise
    Hear the clock chime until your death's due

    I will not let you test me
    Like the others
    So don’t try
    It won’t end well, so don't bother
    This will be my rise and be your fall
    Stop the talk, bring in the fight, I can go all night

    You are blinded
    Just like the soulless
    I’ve decided
    I can see your powerful
    But I surpass it fast
    You'll be last and turn to ash
    You'll remain in your past
    I can see the fear's at its peak
    Your life’s obsolete

    This is the start don't take it heart
    But I can tell it's getting hard
    I'm the best of your contenders
    Just say I'm better
    This isn't my final day
    I'm remain, never fade
    You can see that I can persist
    A prerequisite

    HA HA
    Funny, but I'm not playing
    Here to the slay the one mistaking
    The things I'm doing as a joke
    I laugh and choke
    When you say things
    Like you're a clown
    You'll go down
    And all around
    Red's your field of view
    Watch out dude

    Wow not joking, how ironic
    Aren't you just a pale sonic
    Talk about a clown but look at you
    You can't be scary
    You're just hairy
    That's the true scare
    That's despair
    To watch in disgust as your hot breath
    Destroys us

    Wow, that was rude
    That did hurt dude
    You'll see payback

    I don't regret
    That's what you get
    Shouldn't have said that

    I get that I was tough
    But you did not need to get that rough
    It was merely just a bluff
    (BF - X secondary)
    Bro this isn't game
    Don't entertain
    That stuff it is lame
    Just stick to the stuff that's tame
    (I didn't mean any of the stuff I said)

    I show no regret for the things the done
    I enjoyed this day and had some fun

    Bud, I'm glad that you could enjoy this day
    Sorry for the things I had to say

    You didn't need to get extreme
    But it's all good, you're worse than you seem

    I take that as a compliment
    I'm glad we could have this little chat, X


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