Franco Bambino - Obsidian Lyrics
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    Got this Michael Kors on my wrist
    Put that Christian Dior on my bitch
    Got you thinking that you doing numbers but your girlfriend all on my dick
    No brick walk
    But my stick talk
    Got me colored up but no crip walk
    Got diamonds all on my wrist watch
    No fake shit cause these big rocks
    And my body count taller than a laker
    All this money finna buy a crib with a couple of
    Everybody thinking I’m a faker
    I tell them bitches get the fuck out of my face, see you later
    They don’t wanna see me doing big shit
    But I cannot hear them cause they sucking too much dick, on some bitch shit
    Got my money up but it ain’t riches
    But saying that I’m broke will get you sleeping with the fishes
    Let’s get back to it
    Imma snap to it
    Bambino she gon’ tattoo it
    I’m a tough motherfucker been through a lot of shit but I fuckin’ sat through it
    I’m a savage for thе cash
    Ravager of ass
    Big body Benz, lavish with the cash
    Finna do thе dash
    She won’t let me smash
    Playing hard to get fuck her Imma’ pass
    Tiny little Glock in my pocket
    15 shots fire faster than a rocket
    Always ready I don’t gotta cock it
    Hollow point bullets knock your arm out ya’ socket
    Big body Benz dat I’m rockin’
    I don’t gotta pillow talk she tell me put my cock in
    Saying that she loyal when she let the whole block hit
    In 2018 when Bambi was barely poppin’
    She’s a thicc bitch make my mouth water
    She a pretty bitch from the south sorta
    I ain’t stoppin’ anytime soon only finna stop when the music tracks over
    I got bars for days
    A Genius artist, I’m crazed
    40 bars in this bitch, that’s just the bambino way

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