Frosttt - 12G Lyrics
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    Catch the speed of me
    And im counting money
    And then im killing-g-g
    O ooo o o ooo oa a a
    O ooo o o ooo oo o o

    Snipe em
    Snipe that bitch in the fucking face
    50, 60 keep it ready
    Yea i keep my gun steadyyy

    Intervention in my handz
    I got murder in my handzzz
    Im the lord of 20 gangs
    Nigga i can kill you w/ sense

    Now u dead huh?
    Why you think she was a bitch
    Nigga shes a whore yaaa

    50 cals packed in my back
    I got niggas watching u so better watch ur back
    Just made a rack n i had too much swag
    You gon run up with some guns?
    Ima get a tank yuhh

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