Frxn Picasso - Nick of Time Lyrics
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    Nick of Time

    With the sweetest voice
    Audible by choice
    She allures me into her corner
    Softly running her fluorescent fingertips through her hair
    All I can do is stare
    Filled with awe

    Helplessly lust for more
    Promising peace from the world’s pain
    And all the pleasures gain
    Free from responsibility and shame
    Thin line between here and her
    Thoughts of her start to linger
    But they rapidly turn bitter
    Like citrus fruit from a poisonous orchard
    If only he was quicker
    Maybe circumstances would differ
    Memories of her smile;
    Making the goosebumps on his skin blush
    Her touch sparks an internal glow
    Bright enough to make Orion jealous

    A mix of chocolate and vanilla,
    You’re my sugar-sweet sin.
    A perfect match to me, like the yang to my yin
    I’m close enough to trace the stubble on your skin
    Another step closer… I’d place a kiss on your skin
    But all the thoughts I have, make my head spin
    What’s the real emotion you’re hiding behind that grin?
    Your uniqueness is confusing
    I’m so used to the hurting and bruising
    To all the giving and losing

    I need your heart for my proper perusing
    I do want your love to be mine for the keeping
    And back in the day, I’d offer mine as a replacement
    Buts still I feel my life breaking and my soul aching
    Last time’s insecurities are clawing up from the basement

    Thorns in my soul
    Sat in my grandfather’s creaking lawn chair
    Counting down the moments before we unite
    And maybe spend forever and a day

    I’ve always trusted my fears to show me the path
    Balancing tears and cheers, not an easy math
    All that glitters is fool’s gold, I finally understood
    At last, a mirror to my feelings, another heart without condition
    So many dreams and desires will come to fruition

    You promise me the world should I want it
    Darling, despair and misery, haunt it
    Instead, I’ll be the one thanking you for breaking my fall
    Ask me to bind my life to yours and I’ll give you it all

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