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    Party of the KKK

    This is a song about democrats, we gotta go back to the day
    About a couple hundred years ago, the democrats all had slaves
    Abraham Lincoln tried to set the slaves free, he caught resistance from the democratic party
    I know this may sound crazy, but the democrats fought for slavery
    The 13th and the 15th amendment, they tried to block it with liberals and government
    1920 democratic convention, when the Klan was really in (?)
    Now the democrats wanna change the song, 'cos they know that they were wrong

    Now they throw their hands up, their changing the song while the democrats lie all day, chillin' in their safe space, yeah
    Hatin' on the white race, yeah
    They throw a bunch of rocks at the po-lice men, and they wonder why they get tazed
    Yeah! It's the party of the KKK (x2)

    The democrats run the ghettos now, they're giving out government pay
    Cash the cheques so they get their bling, they're giving more money than working at the Burger King
    Who needs a job when they're giving you money?
    That's why they vote for the democratic party
    The democrats run the ghettos, but the poor people can't read the memo
    Change the plot, change the story, if it's about Donald Trump make it really really gory
    Donald J. Trump is gonna drain that swamp(?), he's on Twitter all day long
    Twiddily diddly deet from the throne
    Alike a (?)
    They throw their hands up, they're crying all day while the Muslims kill all the gays
    Buildin' up a safe space, yeah
    Hatin' on the white race, yeah
    They made (?) laws and segregation to divide us by our race

    Yeah! It's the party of the KKK (x2)

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