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    Lemon Pepper Freestyle


    With No Motivation

    If getting girls was the go

    I'ma get a crown

    Depressed to my soul

    Yet she hold me down

    When you see me

    Down the road

    You know I'm around


    When you stop sending cash

    They turn phony

    Big brother held it down

    I was lowkey

    Can't get a proper deal

    How the heck

    I'ma payback

    Don't have to

    He gon' probably say that

    Do you know

    How hard it is to get this

    Put it in the open

    Only God is my witness

    I been working on the set list

    Whole team breathless

    Gave my heart to a woman

    Who I know deserve bettеr

    But I don't trust In any other fella

    To protect hеr

    Wanna make her smile

    In any weather

    Shaddaiah wondering the day she could say

    That I met her 

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