Gar Greatest At Rapping - Rat And Mouse Lyrics
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    Rat And Mouse

    [Intro: Ver]
    Oh so you were broke growing up?
    Well how come this mud doesn't make you high
    It's the purest mud in the world
    How come your floors were made of marble
    How does that make any sense
    How come your shoes don't have any mud on them
    And how come the kitchen is full of good food

    [Verse 1: Gar]
    I'm smoking manure it’s making me curse
    Oliver gotta stop writing my verse
    Just punched an old lady stole her purse
    Every bar he writes keeps getting worse
    Me and Tim on Roblox almost caught a casе
    I am not in a good mental place
    What I like about minors? Maybе the chase
    What I like about Husky's beats? Not the bass
    How come Michaels Christian he’s a sinner
    When I was young all I ate was crow dinner
    Crow makes you gag? You a beginner
    I'm smoking lean mud, it's making me thinner
    When I eat shit it makes me see stars
    To sober up I smoke crab cigars
    I really like shit I smoke it on Mars
    Next therapy Thursdays held behind bars
    You say you broke I know that's a lie
    Cause you ain't never ate skunk pie
    I know real mud don't make you high
    I was eating skunk asking God why
    You never had fried raccoon snouts
    You had steak and brussels sprouts
    I grew up eating rat and mouse
    Whole time you grew up playing house
    If Gods real why was I eating bats
    Once year I could afford to eat cat
    I was copying frogs and eating the gnats
    I was eating badger you were eating fats
    That's how I know we are not alike
    Where you at you ain't have to lock your bike
    When I foraged for mud had to go on a hike
    My wage was 2 dollars had to go on strike

    [Bridge: Gar]
    You grew up eating fruity loops
    I grew up eating fruity hoops
    You grew up taking toilet poops
    I grew up eating shit in groups

    [Verse 2: Gar]
    You say you’re edgy cause you were goth
    I say you rich I ate snake and moth
    When you were young your table had a cloth
    I grew up with soups that only had broth
    You fell asleep after a bedtime tale
    I couldn’t sleep eating endangered whale
    Your diet allowed you to go to Yale
    My diet made my bones really frail
    Half my diet was beaver tail
    While you was eating expensive kale
    I had to hunt for common quails
    And orangutan fingernails

    [Outro: Ver]
    Well try to explain again how you were broke growing up
    Yeah didn't think so


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