Gar Greatest At Rapping - Ruff Love (Mac Story) Lyrics
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    Ruff Love (Mac Story)

    [Verse 1: Gar]
    Me and mac we smoking on the ganja
    Smacked a hoe, I think her name was Polly Digiornana
    Me and mac we smoking on the ganga
    Smacked a hoe, I think her name was Crandorfo Lulana
    Me and mac we smoking on the breeze
    Ya he's mac the dog and I’m not talkin no cheese
    Me and mac we stay on top
    And I am not talking bout the Apple laptop

    [Verse 2: Gar]
    Mac he like to bark and his looks ain’t on point
    He don’t got the drip, but we smoking on this joint
    Mac the dog he might look fluffy
    Me and Mac with the ganja we do the huffy puffy
    Why there stains on the carpet he did it
    Look mac in the еye, he's guilty but he won't admit it
    I said ganja in this housеhold from now on forbidden
    Mac got angry, and in his pocket there was something hidden
    He pulled the toolie out, shot me 3 times in the neck
    I'm like please mac I'm sorry and where'd you find this TEC
    He was mad I thought he wouldn't respond
    Then he said no more ganja means no more bond
    I started crying said please dog forgive me
    He barked “its too late, and now you can't outlive me”

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