Genius Romanizations - ナユタン星人 (NayutalieN) - カノープス (Canopus) ft. 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku) (Romanized) Lyrics

ナユタン星人 (NayutalieN) - カノープス (Canopus) ft. 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku) (Romanized) Lyrics

Genius Romanizations
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    ナユタン星人 (NayutalieN) - カノープス (Canopus) ft. 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku) (Romanized)

    Through a misted lens does she pursue,
    A ravaging heart does her breast behold

    For she is but a young mind that has learnt to live alone.

    As sole as the solemn moon does prevail,
    Her limbs lay tepid,

    Limp as the remains of a forgotten autumn.

    Scattered amongst ground,
    As hushed tears succumb to grief,
    Muted are her lips, never parted.

    A ravenous conscious does her soul withstand,
    Bending on its brittle knees, limbs contorted in prayer.

    Pеrpetually secluded, shall hеr being remain.

    Tightened ever more are her strings,
    Dancing ever more,

    To the whims of the hungry.

    And yet,
    String sewn limb to limb,

    She shall brave the days for freedom.

    Yet as a mere shadow does her figure fleet,
    A song seized in the throat of a songstress

    The reign of her voice long bygone.

    And of her presence shall she forever loathe,
    Greedy, for she yearns to feel enfolded.

    Though under every tender touch shall her body buckle.
    Hastening, fleeing does she remain,
    A secluded soul amongst the swarm,

    Petrified of those who yearn to slash her ligature.

    Her eyes fixed upon the answers of the unattainable
    Lingering restlessly,

    Grasping upon thin smoke.

    Upon a narrow glass does she deem,
    Endlessly fixating on the hands that conceived her.

    Clement their demeanor had sung,

    Merciless they had supervened,
    Feasting upon dignity,

    Feasting upon shame.

    And yet,
    Dependent she had ensued,

    Futile had she not.

    Her decrepit limbs still her own,
    Her mind a clockwork,
    Ticking to the rhythm of her crippled aspirations.

    Absent she believed
    The scissors to be,

    Solely to have resided in the heart her debilitated palm.

    Ostracized had she been,
    Not for the gestures of a sinister will

    But for her futile verdicts.

    Petrified had she been,
    Not for a lack of tenderness,

    But for a lack of resolve.

    Ever bounding to and fro,
    Her body a mere vessel for a man named Fear.

    Horrid she believed to be, for she lacked the adoration of a loather.

    In the vein of hope
    Or alas defeat,

    A tattered marionette.[ナユタン星人「カノープス (ft. 初音ミク)」羅馬拼音歌詞]

    Eisei no ura de kowaresou na
    Akari ga hitotsu ginga o samayotteru
    Kuberu hikari mo otosu kage mo
    Dochira mo nai shi hoshii tomo omowanakatta

    Wasurerareta hoshi no asa no konai natsu no hi
    Kimi ga nobashita te o kobanda boku ni
    "anata no iro, sugoku kirei da yo"
    Sou itte kimi wa waratta
    Kono te ga kimi no kokoro ni fureta
    Sore wa nibui itami o tomonatta
    Nozonde wa ikenai no ni
    Itsuka owatte shimau no ni
    Kimi ni hikari o mite shimatta
    Amai ondo o shitte shimatta

    Kobosanai you ni kuzurenai you ni
    Sono sugata o tashikameta
    Hikari ga sashite kage o kizanda
    Kono itami no riyuu mo
    Subete shitte ita no ni

    Kimi no te ga boku no mukou e to suketa
    Soko ni ondo mo itami mo nakatta
    Ushinau kurai nara
    Saisho kara iranai no ni
    Soredemo nozonde shimatta

    Sayonara haruka tooku no kimi yo
    Chigau hoshi de umareta nda bokura
    Hikari o ubatta zanshi mo
    Ima wa itooshii nda yo
    Kimi ga tsuketa aka no iro

    Hagaredasu omoide mo
    Kiete shimatta ondo mo
    Kimi ni fureta ano natsu mo
    Kono itami ga yuiitsu no akashi da


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