Ghais Guevara - Intro Lyrics
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    Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem

    Okay, now wait just one second, glasses

    Good lord, what is happening in there

    Patrick that's

    White supremacist groups making a way

    Sippin tea in yo hood

    We had this war going on now
    For two generations
    And it started with that accursed thing
    Called the Civil Rights Movement

    What the fuck is that
    Shit, I'm dyin in this fuckin country ass
    Fucked up town

    I'll be on my way
    How long can I stay
    In a place that can't contain me

    I gotta get outta here
    Too late

    They're coming to get you, Barbara

    Oh say can you see
    By the dawn's early light

    Oh shit

    Arm yourself because
    No one else here will
    Save you

    If you lose it here
    You're in a world of hurt

    Our deepest fear is not that we're inadequate
    Our deepest fear is that we are powerful
    Beyond measure


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