Gogiexs - Pandemonium, Cookies, and Wildberry Lavender Ice Cream (Freestyle) Lyrics

Pandemonium, Cookies, and Wildberry Lavender Ice Cream (Freestyle) Lyrics

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    Pandemonium, Cookies, and Wildberry Lavender Ice Cream (Freestyle)

    [Verse 1]
    I move like it's nothin’ but war nigga
    Gems on like it's mystic couture nigga
    Used to clique but now I don't fuck wit’ ya'
    Don't fuck around and be a dead opp
    You know the Dragon make ya' head hot
    You know the Glock go pop, pop, pop, pop
    Red rum, yes sir, dot, dot, dot, dot
    Now a nigga wasted, ha, ha, ha, ha
    Don't I sing so beautiful, fa, la, la, la
    Boy you gotta kiss it when you swa, la, la, la
    What you know about orange moons?
    Saturday cartoons?
    Spaceship go zoom
    I like playin' on the dark side
    Bitch I know that's the real light
    Superman buzzin' in my ear, I’m a squash his ass, ho I’m Darkseid
    Listenin' to Bey, yea I’m so inspired
    Act I, that shit so fire
    Aaliyah taught me to be the greatest in this shit and her presence still fеlt
    Passion for this shit like Pac, ay
    Drag his ass like Harambe
    Yеa the pussy taste good bae
    Digital marketing is the future
    Sliced the slugs they need sutures
    This Jeni's Wildberry Lavender go crazy
    They done pissed me off so there ain't no peace boy
    I been lookin' for a little freak boy
    Blow me, I explode like c4
    If the dick too big I don’t want it
    Been grindin' through the winter and the summer
    I don't wanna hurt you
    But you gon' make me have to hurt you
    Don't make me come and catch yo' ass lackin'
    Duck hunt, aww shucks you target practice
    So watch your mouth lil' bitch
    I'll snatch you breath ‘til you can't exist
    Plot thickens
    When you are gone I will still be that nigga
    Fuck all that nice shit
    I am that nigga
    Baddie, ba, bad me and my bitches
    Baddie, ba, bad me and my niggas
    Used to be God, now I am Gogiexs
    Used to be good, now I am Gogiexs
    They ain't like me when I was nice
    They just wanna drain my light
    Wanna take my life
    I am eternal
    I am philosopher
    Up on an incline
    Finer than fine wine
    Laugin', uh, laughin' my ass off
    I'm a big Dragon, you a mascot
    I ain't wanna do it this is what you want
    Crash through ceilings wit' the skully on
    Hooks and chains like I'm fuckin' Spawn
    Foot on necks ‘til I'm fuckin' gone
    Don't forget this is what you want


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