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    [Verse 1: 90'S HORROR AISLE]


    [Verse 2: GOONIE TUNEZ]

    Fuck you (x4)

    Fuck school (x4)

    Fuck the political system
    Presidential survey gets mist still
    Dismiss on my fit how my bitch
    Tweakin' on my dick and i'll pick

    The figurines on my set
    Licking all my lollipops
    I'mma tip my hat man holly's hot
    I'mma flip my shit if tommy's thoughts

    [Verse 3: GOONIE TUNEZ]

    Come out his mouth bitch
    Sounding like i'm out lit
    Drunk off my ass
    Spitting like a fountain

    Now i'm counting cash
    Been on my amount tips
    Don't let a mime speak out his mind
    Ditch bitch kind niggas like lying a lion

    All these lying ass niggas cappin' bout
    Breaking these mom's hymen
    I'm dying laughing at the yackin'
    Niggas talking about they packin'

    Ricky carrying all that fat
    But he's sitting on his ass
    Complaining 'bout
    He's getting no bitches

    [Verse 4: GOONIE TUNEZ]

    Nigga stand up like you standin' on they neck
    Puff out yo chest speak with confidence
    Say you the best I ain't failing no test
    And i'll bet nothing will stop you

    Next! (x4)

    Onto my next thot
    Onto my next whore
    Onto my bed
    Full of bitches giving me that head

    Aye been on the meds leaching niggas just want my bread
    Ima fill my feded bird feeder
    Then I seat her Goonie deeper
    Should I leave her i'mma beat her pussy up

    [Verse 5: GOONIE TUNEZ]

    Keepin' that bitch? Nah she ain't worth a buck
    Will Goonie ever make it out the dumb
    Hunk of junk stuck in a
    Run down fucked up place

    Hunnids on my plate
    How will I pay
    The fines on my name

    Goonie can't be tamed aye
    I might make way
    For the grandpa wit' a cane
    For god sake

    Yea I watch Veibae
    Y'all throwing that shade
    For a guy watching anime titties

    Now i'm lazy
    Hazing and taking a gaze
    I can't feel on my face
    Pain fading to break

    [Verse 6: MORT4L]


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