Goretex - 60:00 Lyrics
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    [Verse 1: Sabac]
    Yo, radiation rap, biochemical brutal massacre
    Battlestar Galactica speed, I move like Galaga
    Reopened up, force of an army of millions
    And two knives, see the killing of civilians by the billions
    It's D-Day, we return to life, eternal sacrifice
    Hold your holy deeds, we supposedly gon' turn to ice
    But memorize the Antichrist, the coming of the afterlife
    Results in Armageddon, cause we still ain't get the answers right
    Man and wife, babies and animals move mechanical
    Down the path of doom (nobody grins on your avenue)
    With attitude attack a fool indulging in violence
    Once it explodes in the islands you'll be exposed to the silence
    No one knows why they're dying, the energy is recycled
    From enemies to disciple this keys is mentioned in Bibles
    The death theory, descending the terror end of an era
    And the world as we once knew it is remembered forever

    [Hook x2: Necro]
    Machines take over the Earth
    It's time to fight
    Explore the human race
    Gets wiped out over night
    It's technological war
    I'm running, I'm out of breath
    Explore the nucleus
    There's only one hour left (x2)

    [Verse 2: Mr. Hyde]
    The six-headed beast slowly crawls from the seas
    Hit the morgue of deceased, while sinners fall to their knees
    The whole world's at the siege, by plagues, war and disease
    Feel the gore, the warm breeze, hordes are haunting to bees
    Shape changers, rape strangers, the Earth's in great danger
    Hell's angels of death kidnap Christ from them angels
    Sure end has begun, the poison shredding your lungs
    Now you can't scream, the damn demon severed your tongue
    You left headless or hung, the Four Horsemen have come
    To mutilate the human race (rape and torture for fun)
    All the slaughtered turn to zombies, with the hunger they're driven
    To find their feast on the flesh of the rest of the living
    The muddy maggots will rise and quickly metamorphosize
    To the flies and derive plans to eat our demise
    Now the Devil's clawed hand tightly hold knives and cut
    Till the end of the world's here, mankind is fucked

    [Hook x2]

    [Verse 3: Goretex]
    We bring guns to space like Hubbard, my thoughts are sparking
    Massacre body parts, leftovers for Boston Market
    Canarsie to Marcy with green flesh like a Martian
    Biodegradable, data clean, my tactics are squadron
    Raising your flesh, faggot had the face the Koresh
    Like Fran Tarkenton they gave us Parkinson's and X
    No survivors, we left you like H. R. Giger
    Hiding the virus like some kind of Scientologist pilot
    Like Travolta with double life, you dogging our semen
    Closet is open, (ready for you and Morgan Freeman)
    Transporting AZT like caught eight to you zebras
    Billionaires struggle with blood cells and drug placebos
    Crude Jerusalem with cult chicks that sent to bowin'
    The commune raised the dirtiest flesh like Rose McGowan
    Four dimensional, Gore lives, the return to Saturn
    Cattle mutilation burn like crop circles in marrow

    [Hook x2]


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