Goretex - Momentary Lapse of Reason Lyrics
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    Momentary Lapse of Reason

    [Chorus: Goretex]
    Cruising autopilot, the virus
    Asleep at the wheel
    Momentary Lapse of Reason
    Sneak up on you then peel
    Street cleaner
    So emotionless, allergic to fear
    Often stage using symbols to interpret the real

    [Verse 1: Goretex]
    Priceless, the smirk on my face from purchasing slaves
    Lifeless, so it's uncertain if she squirming or dazed
    She's on the drug farm
    Cooperation rubs off days
    I don't follow religion
    Church is just a club for the gays
    A kid racket, burn the priest for being a faggot
    Altar of sacrifice
    Pack knives and scalpel his cabbage
    Choke cannabis, sick voyeur
    Slick with the camera fest
    Sorority chicks
    Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
    Tapping the best tit stars and filthy amateurs
    Sexual deviant with a penchant for killing actresses
    They call me Fat Mattress
    When another vanishes
    Hanging off banisters
    Human remains backed to canisters

    [Chorus: Goretex]

    [Verse 2: Goretex]
    Trying to break bread and get dough
    My killer goons, it's on with the show
    The villain like I'm Willem Dafoe
    Hit the mall like it's Fast Times
    We flash signs, blast nines
    Dash pass me the Emmys sniffed it on half-time
    Checkerboard Vans
    Thugging like we Dog Town
    She's swingin' from the hooks in her tits
    I took her corpse down
    The four-pound heavy
    So eager to please
    When I blackout on fat-ass sluts like Nikita Denise
    The green air is dense
    My days are filled with bile events
    Bombin' MC's forever give me strength
    The kid's immense, you should know by the belly
    Canarsie to Flatbush
    Back to the Carnegie Deli

    [Chorus: Goretex]

    [Verse 3: Goretex]
    You can't be trusted
    Your whole squad be swallowing custard
    Take X together
    Then rocking stretchy pants and cufflinks
    Alien tunes, bags of shrooms
    David Blaine, levitate the room
    Uncle Howie prism, Dark Side of the Spoon
    Sick enough to get a chemo shot for rush
    Quick enough to slip a chick dick after she conked on dust
    Zombie haze
    Likes bukkake and cups and bloodlust
    Robbing the punks in drop tops and cock for lunch
    Service animals
    Fine young things
    Tongue rings, drug kings
    Tattooed her pussy with Gore and love wings
    Fun things, Ronny sent me two slaves in a chest
    I'm the combination of twelve steps and a serious mess

    [Chorus: Goretex]


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