Goretex - Return of Tuddy Lyrics
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    Return of Tuddy

    Last days so we blaze powder, I'm sprayin' crows up, laser weapons and brown drugs imported from Canada
    2010 return of Tuddy, peace to Gerbs, swervin' with the birds of Hoodie, this world's crooked like Boogies
    Canarsie veterans handle jux like Prezzico, alien web get dealt like Pacino in Serpico
    Masons they rape the virgin in clothes, circle expose, worshippin' tablets my panic room is attitude with a toast!
    Hazel shoppers, sneakin' through projects, watchin' me, I'm disbalanced from my hearse in the Congress
    All my Goons be holdin' TECs to burn wet, (fuck you pigs!), I'm out in the sticks, the murderers we burn churches, never left!
    Wall haters, maggot I was destined to rep, medicine trips, to you dealin' in the back o' ya neck!
    Like the Manson Chicks that like to cut the smoke with X, DNA test, deep in a 4-Tex serve 'em the forceps!


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