Goretex - Run Gimmick Lyrics
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    Run Gimmick

    Sabac Red: Hotter, like this!

    In the Bell's King, first of my brown leather but ’91, runnin' through malls with Diadoras on you kept the guns
    Big titty shorty come guzzled with the boomin' thighs, the boomer best slaves in parachutes and master clydes!
    We vexxed up, my goons drop bells like casings, jelly soft like Benettons, Skippies and pink Asics!
    I get down for gravy, any 74 for yo’ close, cover his left for first edition Navy Air Force 1's!
    Ran out from the pills, space safe fillated to kicks, I'm Hip-Hop like JMJ's hats and Eric B. bricks!
    So focus your hate, my nurses turnin' cold to icicles, ride the pussy pissed, matchin' loafers both their bicycles!

    Sabac Red: Hotter, like this!


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