Gucci Mane - Burn One Freestyle Lyrics
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    Burn One Freestyle

    Cheeeaaaaaa burn one
    Zaytoven on da track imma burn one
    Its the mixtape nigga burn one
    If you eva try gucci mane you might burn one huh
    Burn one, b-b-burn one
    Get a half a pound of bubba kush and just burn one
    Get a pint and da purp mix it wit it burn one
    Call it burple call it purple bubba kush burn one

    I stick em up, you know I hit em up
    Patnas can't get em up, choppa bullets ate em up
    Zone 6 it dangerous, we dont talk to strangers
    Bang wit Glocks, bang wit 40s, and hammers
    Glocks dat dont jam a bandanna im bananas
    T.v. cameras damn he got damned em
    Trick off wit dimes, I toucan sam em
    Get pussy out cha mouth so i guess I pam em
    100 bricks in the magnum I cram em
    Gucci real handsome but I can't stand em
    Gucci da scandalous, I rock like manson
    The Hansen, the Olsen twins, I overstand em
    Gucci keep talkin' bout bricks they gon' ban em
    2007 yeent know, got damn em
    Eazy-E swag wit Dr. Dre's focus
    White lotus same color suntan lotion
    Half a pound of purp' got the boy steady smokin', two days go and the boy still rollin
    Half a pound of purp' got the boy still smokin', two days roll and the boy still goin
    Gucci throwin' bricks its like he usin' a backboard
    Shawty want the deuces, I charged her a stack for it
    Got it by the bag get a whole or a half for it
    Soulja to the scale so they get what they ask for it
    Imported cocaine but i don't own a passport
    Offset rims got me lookin Dale Earnheart
    Blue and yellow jacob same color my paint job
    Always tote gualas cuz i dont own a passport
    Wit 6 inch decarters, gucci da landlord
    J's neva get shit they get what they pay for
    Shawty got a ass on her so I pay for it
    Bred in the league so you know imma stay forward
    Purple golden kush always call it the laker sack
    Blue and yellow color dro call it the pacer pack
    Green and white mid call it the celtics thrax
    Say that you the weed man but wheres ya bells at


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