Gucci Mane - Heavy Wrist Action Lyrics
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    Heavy Wrist Action

    They got me back on my shit

    [Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
    I got pies, Duncan Hines, cookies and the cakes too
    I'm bussin' down the whole I'm bout to cook the shake too
    Gucci eatin' good in the hood how're you?
    Supa' sized colored diamonds size of ice cubes
    I'm real smart but I got a sick wrist too
    I can read, I can write, I can sell white too
    I'm servin' all the dope bois come to serve you
    [?] past your curfew
    My chain got pneumonia the watch is bird flu
    I'm very thugged out and my homeboys too
    I'm iced out shawty and my main chick also
    Maserati Maserati rims dash also
    'vette full of bricks bullfrog that'll cost ya
    I coulda' Keshawn but I deon'd 'em
    Under arm kush got it smellin' real musty
    Sold a couple ounces just to buy some red monkey's

    Heavy heavy heavy heavy heavy wrist action
    Flush it with the water
    Then you buy a charger
    Nigga nigga nigga got the Gucci Mane cookies
    If it don't jump man Gucci might cook ya

    [Verse 2: Gucci Mane]

    I still don't believe you, you need more people


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