Gucci Mane - Losin Lyrics
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    She choosin but nigga you losin
    When I’m cruisin my top I’m losin
    In Vegas gamblin’ all night but I’m losin
    Just bought a ten pack
    I hope it ain’t losin
    I bet 50 with the hoes but they losin’
    And she a bad bitch so she don’t like losin’
    I hope these niggas don’t try me, I’ll lose it
    I told her strap everyday and I’ll use it

    [Verse 1:]
    Bad as hell, got me mad as hell
    From her toes to her nails
    & Got a tail like a whale
    Only time a tell
    I’m sending packs in the mail
    Imma fool with a scale
    And I’m more plugged than the mail
    And when my pack hit ATL
    It’s like my number just fell
    I’m catchin juggs just right before pre-trial
    I don’t give no fuck bout no 12
    And if all else fails
    I’ll be trappin at the tel’
    I gotta house in the hills
    And a penthouse ? 12
    I move ??? like I was Derek Farell
    My mama moved me East Atlanta
    Like the Prince of Bel Air
    Man all the dueces I sold
    Man I should get the chair
    Ain’t no excuse my nigga
    Ask you why you broke as hell
    It’s Gucci!


    [Verse 2:]
    A lot of niggas wanna be like Gucci
    Fuck around a murder charge like Boosie
    I know the feds wanna kill me like Tookie
    Yo brother suck a glass dick like Pookie
    I was makin music still servin dueces
    Walkin just draw salute me or shoot me
    I serve bags, serve pipe, serve looseys
    I sip lean like a nigga come from Houston
    How you feel knowin yo favorite rapper pussy
    In his video dancin like Missy
    Gold Audemar 90 thousand plain jane
    I threw the rocks in it
    Cost me 160


    [Gucci Talking:]
    Wat happenin
    I’ll never date a loser
    I went to the casino and lost like a muthafucka
    Damn I couldn’t even find the shit I was lost
    Police tried to pull me over but I lost them
    I lost one of my hoes out there
    One of my best bitches
    Think I lost track what I was finna say
    This bitch must of lost her fuckin mind
    Smokin on kush I done lost my keys
    I winnin
    You losin
    It’s Gucci
    It’s Gucci!



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