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    Tomorrow I'll be Twenty

    Tomorrow I’ll be twenty-two
    Wish it could be special
    Make myself a birthday cake
    Hang out with some friends

    And I don't know what to do
    Haven’t got it all planned
    Wonder what my life would be like
    I don't think I’m ready

    Well, I’m here sitting and figuring life out
    I’m lost and I’m so blanked out
    Cuz’ they told me
    “If you can’t figure your life out right now then it’s over”
    What the fuck's that supposed to mean?

    Ooh there’s no point in listening
    Ooh I just gotta shut them out

    I know I think way too much
    And I am obsessed
    With things that I can’t control
    Think I should let go
    Now today I’m twenty-two
    Wasn't really special
    Made myself a birthday cake
    Hung out with some friends oh

    And I still don’t know what to do
    It’s not going like I planned
    I’m a little bit scared
    But I know will be just fine

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