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    Brown Man

    Brown man in the mirror, running out of time slow
    All this hate and the bitterness getting out of line, though
    Brown man with the blues, they like wtf’s this?
    Live a day in my shoes, you’d be out of luck, bitch

    They tell me luck has its limits, you gotta stay within
    I say it’s luck, when you have it, you gotta play with it
    They tell me hate is the game now, the haters play with it
    The brown man in your mirror can’t get away with it

    I tell em, I don’t see haters, though, I see steak frites
    I see people in trouble who I can straight teach
    And I can preach while I eat, so I tell em take seat
    I’ll teach em haters how hate is a way to make peace

    You’ll plant your own seed, then you eat the fruit and
    They’ll say it fell in your lap, like Isy Newton
    The human breed is diseased, they call it evolution
    They’ll be a part of the trap, but not the solution

    Though the confusion is fostered, the poison runs deep
    The pillows keep getting softer, but only some sleep
    They wanna be on the roster, but only some see
    The execution is what costs you, the talk comes cheap

    I’m tryna climb on the ladder, and never comin down
    They wanna wine with their platter, and want it on the house
    I’m tryna grind in a manner, that’ll give my bros a route
    They wanna grind on the hoes, cause all the bros are out

    Ghost in my dreams, they patrol with diligence
    Most of their dreams, like “hoe, who’s billing us?”
    Lost the wind screen, on the road with militants
    So most of my dreams, like “their goal is killing us”

    You don’t wanna be in the business of identifying traitors
    You don’t wanna be in situations of duckin down
    I’m tryna be in the business of multiplying paper
    The haters make you feel safe but they wanna see you drown

    The drama ready caught up to me, it don’t wait for later
    All the commas addin up too weak, only hope is paper
    On my mama, never felt the heat, never felt it greater
    All the traumas catchin up to me, only help the Maker

    I’m on a mission to find my faith back, it got me
    Reminiscing the times from way back, when I would
    Stay up wishing for nights with no deaths
    And threats of surprises in boxes like Jack, so I

    Grind-grind for the bread, my brothers need wheat
    Got these rhymes in my head, the suckers need sweets
    This for the dimes in my bed, I couldn't feed meat
    Sorry, got all these crimes in my head, I’m from the deep streets, bitch

    And for all the haters, oops, i mean students
    Learn to stay in your lane, keep it between students
    Cause when you fuck with the teachers, yeah, cause they been students
    They end up making you wishing you never seen or knew them

    We’re not from the followers, we’re the ones who’re followed
    We the ones who’re eaten and the ones who’re swallowed
    No hidin truth from the youths, we saw it early too
    Difference is I was dirty then, now clean and thirty two

    Haters wait and they hide, until you make a mistake
    They wanna piece of the pie, you know, a piece of the cake
    Until it’s them on the ride, and they make a greater mistake
    Then they peace outta sight and find peace in the hate

    Swallow shame when you tried, follow process and faith
    Swallow pain and your pride, follow progress with grace
    With the hate as your guide, follow traces of fate
    Cause love likes to hide in the places you hate

    It’s H

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