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    Sometimes i wonder if this shit is even worth it, tryna hide these feelings of pride under the surface
    Got me thinkin crazy shit like what my fuckin worth is, never really sure of it, na, never really certain
    Sometimes i wonder what’s the purpose of this circus, shit only made me nervous or took what's in my purses
    Got me writin and savin all of my fuckin verses, tryna be a better person before the condition worsens

    Somеtimes i try to put my thoughts into my verses, tryna hidе these feelings of uncontrollable urges
    Maybe losin him is the reason they rarely surface, tryna find the signs on ceilings of notable churches

    Sometimes i try to turn my losses into purpose, tryna hide the bleeding from these emotional grudges
    Maybe that’s the reason my traumas always resurface, kinda like the feeling of healing them broken dutches
    Sometimes i try to keep these hoes out of my business, never sayin no if they’re present, though, like it’s christmas
    All these bitches wanna know is if you got the sickness, they don’t wanna know bout the shit you had to witness

    Sometimes i wonder if they’re gifts or if they’re curses, and how much do i got fore i fall under the burden
    Maybe losin her is the reason i make the purchase, and they all roll just the same, but different versions
    Sometimes i wonder if they’ll ever hear these verses, if they’ll ever grow the balls to look behind the curtains
    Cursin me for servin the culture, the culture lurkin, i lift a finger, a blink and the hearses workin
    Got me fightin daily like i wake up feelin nervous, then i look in the mirror and see what your concern is
    All my stiches wanna do is burst open the hurt and, show you how i made it but it’s you who put work in

    Get it?
    All my stiches wanna do is burst open the hurt and
    Show you how i made it but it’s you who put the work in, bitch

    If you saw where we came from, you’d be surprised as hell
    We made it out from the snake farm, still alive to tell
    Where the ones who gain from you, are the ones who fight you
    No good neighbors like state farm, but we survived to

    Inspire those who they couldn't, we call it hope dealin
    Deny those who they wouldn't, we call it door sealin
    Design roads that were missing, ways to promote healin’
    Fuck, we spoke when they wouldn’t, gave em that woke feeling

    Supply hope to dope dealers, made em think of better
    Think of beggars to leaders, yeah, never think of lesser
    Apply a choke to their beaters, made em think of pressure
    Think of rats in a trap, yeah, made em think of cheddar

    When i said i don’t get her, that shit i think upset her
    She think of me like a joker, just like i’m fucking ledger
    But actin like we together, she needed a refresher
    It’s not the pleasure, my precious, honesty is the measure
    And you can measure my treasure, i got a heart of gold
    She put it under the weather, so it turned kind of cold
    The pain is just like a sweater, though, i just smile and roll
    99 probs but a bitch ain’t one, like carter told

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