Ham Sandwich (USA) - CURSED! Lyrics
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    [Intro: PE$O PETE]
    Ay, yeah, huh, bitch, yeah

    [Verse 1: Sukuna (PE$O PETE)]
    You know me, watch 'em run
    They feel my vibe when I'm walking up
    Fuck all that talking if it ain't 'bout spilling blood
    Fuck all that talk, I want power, ain't feeling love
    Matter fact, open my domain, you getting cut up
    What now, dumbass? Told you to shut up
    Bro, it's whatever you want, man, I'm ready to go
    I'mma send him to hell with a slit in his throat
    Bitch, you can't run
    And if we finna fight, we ain't using guns
    I got four arms, turn him to fucking mush
    Man, stop that, you is not one of us
    Told him advance
    No technique, I'mma kill you with hands
    He pressing me, then it's never again
    They know it's me when I walk in the building, I don't need my domain, man, that shit too advanced, damn

    [Verse 2: Mahito (Shwabadi)]
    Uh, yeah, been the handiest man any moment
    Call from the fam got me rolling to blow shit
    Up, one touch got 'em fuckеd up, I'm potent
    I'm posing a threat when I'm postеd up
    Poke opponents, no gloves throw them up
    Souls I mould are forced to open up
    With the onus on me, course I fold the cunt, it's
    Huh, ooh, not a discussion
    Purpose is worthless, turned to corruption
    Curse with a work ethic, thirst for destruction
    Purging the person, adjourning my function
    Uh huh, brrt brrt, stupid, fuck you!
    Miyagi chop, got it hitting like Kung Fu
    This ain't a train, but that bitch getting run through
    This ain't a train, but I go off the rails
    Reading your moves, man, I'm fighting in braille
    Shells to his back, homie look like a snail
    Y'all can't come near us, we dropping a veil
    Dropping a curtain, Yami Yori
    Blood on my hands like, damn, it's gory
    Roll with the stitches, Nani, call me
    Painting his block up, Balamory
    Antagonistic man of mischief
    Machiavellian murderer, masochistic
    Fist to fist, I really handle business
    Pull the card, leave stubs like raffle tickets
    This shit easy, kill like breathing
    Domain Expansion, no escaping
    Different species, can't compete me
    Transfiguration, rearrange them

    [Verse 3: Jogo (GameboyJones)]
    Got the block hot like the fifth of July
    Not with the gang, got no piece of the pie
    One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight
    Fired on mans like I'm gripping the nine
    Popped my top and became volcanic
    Drop that op, now he look titanic
    Brought my chop, got this bitch on panic
    Walk that talk, like Saddam I ran shit
    Ooh, yeah, huh, yeah, what?
    Curse energy rated R in this bitch
    Be alarmed cause I'm armed, I'll be harming a jit
    Fist hit like a car, and I'm parking this shit
    Across your face
    Got so much drip, my faucet breaks
    It's crazy, people say they want smoke
    But when I approach they toss the eighth

    [Verse 4: Finger Bearer (Breeton Boi)]
    Inumaki, swear that words meant to hurt me
    But since inception I've been used to some cursing
    We plant the seed, and now our schemes are unearthing
    And from beneath society is emerging
    We making a paradise
    Send your pitiful species to afterlife
    If you think you can beat me, you must be bugging
    Don't you worry, I keep me some pesticide
    So you best decide, if this really how you gon' go out
    One hand on your chest, and one hand on your mouth
    You coughing and wheezing, internals are bleeding
    For me this succeeding was never in doubt
    Think we failing? Ain't a single possibility
    Even with a Gojo Hollow you ain't killing me
    My bud make a brother blank out, no memory
    We blasting bang bang like the song about Megumin
    Who's testing me?
    You messing with special grade entities
    I don't care, you could be Yuji or Megumi
    Bring your dogs, I'm on a whole 'nother pedigree
    Bring your dogs, but I'm a beast in this lane
    You can get tagged like the lease wasn't paid
    When me and gang linked up, you know it's on site
    My ops can't afford to even see the domain
    Whole Lotta Bodies On The Floor
    I ain't even thought to feel remorse
    Thinking 'bout the horror I could cause
    Scene looking like a story that you'd probably hear from Corpse
    Of course you can try go hand to hand with Hanami
    Handle that and then you'll have to honour me
    Bulletproof cause ain't no metal harming me
    Turn a boy who meddles to an offering

    [Verse 5: Geto Suguru (Ham Sandwich)]
    Hundred demons on me, shout out to Mari
    I run it clean and calmly, walk with an army
    Surrounded by the monkeys, ain't on Safari
    I told 'em get the money, then I discard 'em
    I trash 'em and pack 'em up
    Curses killing anybody acting up
    Worthless lesser beings in the presence of higher powers
    See, this shit isn't adding up
    Back in days, with the hate I ain't had enough
    All this rage in my heart, so I had to bluff
    Eat a curse like a Shounen, I'm having lunch
    Uzumaki, gon' hit like it's pack a punched
    Uzumaki, we spinning his block if I catch him in 4K
    Thought it was sweet like a sorbet
    Killing you niggas, my forte
    Not with the right click, treat a monkey like a bored ape
    Steal that shit, that means you niggas not fungible, if I take your life, it isn't refundable
    You ain't with the shits, I know you a huxtable, you ain't Gojo, I can tell that you touchable
    Can't see the energy, you niggas ain't functional
    Can't see the enemy, it's actually a pack of passive people, sitting home, getting comfortable
    While my people die to keep 'em ignorant
    All I see is violence and bitterness
    Shit got me talking different, walking different
    Offing anybody coming within six feet, that's coffin distance
    I'm called to leaving constant opposition
    To common sense with altruism given
    To not the victim, stop the rhythm, stop the music
    I might give the beat contusions


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