Ham Sandwich (USA) - JOYBOY FREESTYLE! Lyrics
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    Heard that they was lookin for a problem and they found me
    I been busy runnin up a bounty
    Numbers in the billions so a nigga isn't counting
    I'm the highest in the building we don't need to do accounting

    All my niggas rowdy, standing at attention
    Stacking up the money we been working toward a pension
    Penitentiary mentioned I been ducking niggas federal
    Fuckin with the mission and we send you to the medical

    Bege Capone, how I move, I'm a fortress
    Crew conglomerate, my niggas is corporate
    You ain't pushing it, you won't get a portion
    Dead weight, who we mailing to Morgans

    Yami yami, on my body absorption
    Got a Nami, on her body, I course it
    Niggas saltier than mufuckin Morton
    Basil Hawkins, pull his card, I can tell that his fortune

    Is worse than what was coming before
    I got this blade in my hand, one swing and it'll cut to the core
    You wanna get up in my circle, you get stuck at the door
    Perona hollows got em slumped on the floor

    We upping the score
    And I regret to inform you that you been fucking a whore
    Cuz she was suckin on my dick while you was up at the store
    You ducking the war, you running from the blood and the gore
    See I don't care what's in the drink just give me something to pour

    And you just hit the Grand Line and think it's somethin to boast?
    See I could catch a Neptunian, lil somethin to roast
    I'm going down with my treasure, I'm never dumping the load
    I'll die defending my roger, you'll die from jumping the boat, damn

    Even with a devil fruit it's levels to it, better than me
    Better prove it, we'll see who the better user
    Tryna get a better view, no Eneru
    I'm toying with these niggas, hobby hobby
    How I got em doing everything I tell em to

    Kenbushoku haki how I'm already ahead of you
    Water Law I tell em read the room and hope they get a clue
    Billi berry bounty niggas want me for the revenue
    Niggas say they know me but they niggas that I never knew

    See I'm the nigga, lotta niggas owin credit to
    And they never wanna see me when the rent is due
    But if you try to back stab it ain't a clever move
    Get a nigga sunk, and we ain't leavin any residue

    Bottom of the ocean, in that dirty murky water
    Brody Hody off of 30 perkies, sturdy, lurking, martyr
    Vander Decken, slangin weapons that'll always hit the marker
    Marco I'm a fire starter, flying farther, fuck a royal

    I could burn a lunarian
    Off the haki I'm scaring em
    Wanna try me, I'm darin em
    Tryna blast and I'm parrying

    Cutting through the fire
    Till my opposition speakin through the wire
    Never backing down cuz I'm a do or dier

    Haoshoku haki, my powers awakened
    I'm steppin like Whitebeard the ground that I'm quaking
    Is sacred, my niggas in LOOP like the worst generation
    We hopped on the scene and them niggas was shaking
    My shit too amazing, it got em frustrated, I'm laughing like Nika
    I'm simply elated, you steppin to me you courageous, the greatest
    Challenge, they could never balance

    This is hard work, with a bit of talent
    Now a star burst, into bigger status
    And I'm simply demanding a bigger palace
    And your bitch need a man with a bigger phallus

    I just followed the path that was laid for me
    Up to the throne of the world in it's vacancy
    Fought with the worst of the tyrants and made em bleed
    Got my 10,000 hours and I paid the fee, I made it


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