Ham Sandwich (USA) - RAIN DASH BUCKET! Lyrics
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    Povedlo se mi přestat používat svůj mozek
    Povedlo se mi přestat používat svůj mozek
    Povedlo se mi přestat používat svůj mozek
    Povedlo se mi přestat používat svůj mozek[Intro: Ham Sandwich]
    Ay, yuh, ay, ay, yuh, ay, ay, yuh, ay, ay

    [Verse 1: Ham Sandwich]
    Fuck it, ay, Rain Dash Bucket
    Came up from nothing, I came up from rubbish
    Duck in the smoke, but I ain't for your stomach
    Fucking your bitch, and she know that she love it
    Eat it for breakfast, egg micmuffin
    You say you fly, but you look like a puffin
    Bad Wolf - how I'm Huffing and Puffing
    Backwoods - how I'm roll it and puff it
    Eating rappers like they chicken mcnuggets
    You want a verse, but I ain't in your budget
    Hand on her pussy, she looks like a puppet
    Yes, the whole thing
    Five fingers - five rings
    Quintuplets, five kings
    I'm in high demands
    I don't got the money for the child support
    Yeah, I'm getting money, but it ain't for that
    Yesterday I fell asleep on a doormat
    That's what my hard drive I format
    Homеwork folder where thе porn at
    He want beef, pull up like door dash
    Voltron goons pull up and form that
    Black man wonder where a form is
    [Interlude: Ham Sandwich]
    -Right, there's no justice
    -Nigga, what the fuck is a Rain Dash Bucket?

    [Verse 2: Aerial Ace]
    Listen, I'm in canes like fuck it
    Can I get an order? Rain Dash Bucket
    Fries on side, Texas toast
    With a nice large cup, no drink, I'd love it
    I need the jpeg, Riya's gon' mourn me, I am the shit, she think I'm corny
    I ate some corn, cracker the morning, now later than evening, yeah, you get the story
    You build like a diaper keep, no strap - false advertisement
    Your favorite rapper is a downride skammer - check his mama's license
    Your girl like talls, bitch ass nigga
    Pipe on no hoe, bitch ass nigga
    Wrist cold like stouts, bitch ass nigga
    Check your whole house, bitch ass nigga
    You a bitch, fuck you, oh, bitch ass nigga
    You suck on ex, bitch ass nigga
    Nigga stole my wallet, bitch ass nigga
    Almighty Push, bitch ass nigga

    [Verse 3: Chubbz]
    I pulling up with the Rain Dash Bucket
    Your bitch with me, screaming loud like a trumpet
    It doesn't take much to get her to suck it
    Stuff in my shit, right now that bitch is gunning
    Bitch got to make up some nibbling on nuggets
    Fuck with the gang, and I'll bring up the musket
    I'll make you lifeless like a fucking puppet
    Other life, I had your head, then I chop it
    I never been one to be on a budget
    I'm over bullshit, I'm over the rockets
    Say what you want 'cause I've got this con rugged
    Yeah, on the rise, there's no way that I'll plummet
    I'm the guy filling your face with these knuckles
    Think that you're funny, I won't even chuckle
    Hop in the porch quickly, you better buckle
    Soon as you're confident that you're gonna snuggle, bitch
    [Verse 4: Mir Blackwell]
    Fuck it
    Pull up with that Rain Dash Bucket
    I'mma get your days, that's fuck it
    I'mma get your change, that's fuck it
    We ain't got the same cash budget
    I spin on that cash I want
    They go broke, I'mma flash my gun
    Your hoe, I'mma had my fun, wait, wait
    I'mma pull up with the gang, and these niggas know I'm the shit, bull
    Your bitch is calling me baby - the way that I suck on her tits, bull
    I got that drip, and these niggas hitting y'all causing the fit, bull
    I'm asking who got more hits than the boy? "What about Pitbull? Pitbull has a lotta hits"
    These niggas tripping, but I don't got tossing once, feeling like KV
    These niggas running their mouths, they need to stop talking like KZ
    These niggas running their mouths when they need to go mute like they Mystery
    I treat your bitch like mood, she from the Dallas, I see that she peek on me

    [Outro: Mir Blackwell]
    Oh, hold up, wait up, no disrespect to KV or Mystery, that's my motherfucking dawgs, and it's still fuck dealing to the KZ, diss track come out, shout my nigga Rick, that nigga body you in any set, fuck outta here, dickhead! That nigga did you a problem!


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