(hed) p.e. - Comeova2nite Lyrics
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    [Verse 1: Jahred]
    I'm fascinated with pussy, patron and percocets
    I graduated to groupie love and dirty sex
    Infatuated, I'm running with the devil
    I'm a God, I'm a rebel, I'm a dog, I'm a fucking mess
    You wanna get it on my personal Armageddon
    You threatened by my recklessness
    You powerless, I'm obsessed
    I'm possessed with the heart of a warrior
    Spawn and raised in southern killer California
    I got that bubblegum, yeah I got that JD
    But JD only make a nigga crazy
    But J├Ągermeister make a nigga nicer
    And Grey Goose help the groupies get loose
    Yeah, there's a demon inside, the slow suicide
    That can't be denied, the Jekyll and Hyde
    That Bonnie and Clyde, you dig?
    No regrets, no stress, never vex
    No, take your time, you got time
    You the next, yo

    [Hook: Jahred]
    Uh oh, uh oh, come over tonight
    There's a riot in the parking lot
    We dancing in the moonlight
    Hey, hey, get your head right
    You a rock star {*gunshot*}
    Larger than life
    Uh oh, uh oh, come over tonight
    There be fightin' in the parking lot, and fuckin' in the moonlight
    Hey, hey
    Let your hair ride
    You a rock star {*gunshot*}
    Larger than life

    [Bridge 1: Jahred]
    Rock-rock, rock-rock
    Rock-rock, rock, star (Yeah)
    Let everybody know
    I just don't give a fuck (Fuck...)

    [Verse 2: Jahred]
    Mommy, I smoke and I drink
    I fuck, I fight, and I stay
    Punk rock for life, get high
    In the club all night {*gunshot*}
    Mommy, I know what you want
    The other boy not doin' it right
    You come on over and I'll fuck you all night
    For real, though

    [Bridge 2 : Jahred]
    Shorty, I know you feel the electricity
    Feel the fire rising, come and smoke a joint with me
    It's prophecy, a punk rock opera, see
    And all the shots are free, when shorty rocks with me

    [Verse 3: Jahred]
    Come on, come on forget about games
    Kust give me that thang, gotta get inside her
    I'm a little insane, gotta give her that pain
    When I'm right behind her
    Wanna get her back home, when I get her alone
    I'm gonna hurt her
    Homicide, serial killer, baby, I'll murder ya


    [Bridge 1 x2]

    [Verse 4: Roscoe]
    I live my life on the edge
    So I might just jump, if you don't push me
    Got the infrared
    On the ride, punk
    For punk, pussies
    I pull up in the Bentley, I feel the good weed and Hennesey
    Full of fullies and semis for my enemies
    Am I foolish for my ways, maybe
    But I'm gettin' paid, baby
    Grew up in the 80's, they labelled us Ronald Reagan babies
    Obsessed with money and sex, cars and jewelry
    Everybody dyin', who's next
    Could be you and me
    Heavily sedated, I never been this faded
    Investigators persuin' me
    Tapin' my conversation
    Cause the shit I say'll probably get my killed (Like you)
    Niggas wanna body me, but I don't think they will (Will)
    Gotti got a posse, a dog face who was shot
    He's in the car chase
    Tryin' to escape
    From paparazzi
    I'm a block star, known as a Glock star, when shots pop
    Off in the moonlight
    Duckin' from cop cars


    [Bridge 1 x2]

    That was (???)
    Homicide, serial killer, baby, I'll murder ya
    Ha ha

    Rock star
    Hood star
    True star (Oooh)
    Pass that shit (Superstar)
    Light that shit up
    Hit that (Superstar)


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