HighSchool Kid - I love you highschool (Interlude) Lyrics
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    I love you highschool (Interlude)

    Niggas act like we in the 80s
    Bro told me he joined the navy
    Saint laurent (huh) that's my baby
    Bad ass bitch wanna go so crazy
    Glock .19 (huh) that's so wavy
    Highschool fans (huh) are goin so crazy
    They say they wanna see my highschool lady, who's that fuckin' pretty lady

    (Huh, yeah)
    Nigga I Just dropped, then am fuckin' on the top, didn't flop, he's an opp, he gon' pop from the cop, and then slide through the mod ties
    (Ohh yeah)

    Okay let's get this shit straight
    I choppa gonna fly, take to the sky, look at my red eye, Just like the devil's eyes

    That was fire but that was not actually the shit I was meant to say, I don't know where the fuck my lyric book at

    Put my music on blast, while we drive so fast, fans are goin' crazy cuz they had some wavy, am not ready to drop cuz this songs are goin' crazy, won't they hate me If I don't drop maybe

    (Gang, gang, gang,gang, fah)


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