Ian Carey - Last Night Lyrics
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    Last Night

    [Verse 1: Bobby Anthony]
    I'm in the club, so damn gone
    I lost my friends and I lost my phone
    I'm staggering all by my lone'
    Don't even know how I'll get home
    But it's okay, it's alright
    I'm so fresh yes, I'm so fly
    I swore last night I'd give up drinking
    Such a lie, what was I thinking?

    [Bridge: Bobby Anthony]
    I see them moving, see them dancing
    Yeah they're doing that
    I see them grooving, popping bottles
    Like its' new to them
    I wanna join them but it seems
    Like they're too far for me
    Plus where's the bathroom man
    Cause I really, really gotta pee

    [Chorus: Bobby Anthony]
    Last night, I don't remember (last night)
    I said I'd never (last night)
    What was I thinking?
    I really need to give up drinking
    I'm not gon' drink again
    But who am I kidding?
    I'm about to call my friends tonight
    And do it over again

    [Verse 2: Bobby Anthony]
    Fresh out the bathroom, so relieved
    I make my way up to the VIP
    I done tripped on a step
    What the heck?
    I take a quick look around
    And I check my fresh
    Then I proceed to-to my mission
    I see a bottle
    And the vodka's glistening
    Good lord that looks so lovely
    Pardon me while I chase this bubbly

    [Bridge: Bobby Anthony]

    [Chorus: Bobby Anthony]

    [Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]
    That's right, cash right
    Shining like a flashlight
    Baby shake your ass right
    Cause this could be your last night
    Set the mood, spoon and groom
    Ladies feel my living room
    Bobby A, what you say?
    Ian Carey, my DJ!
    Play that song, make it bang
    We gon' be here all night long
    If you got that feeling, feeling
    Yeah, now sing the song
    D.O. double G, I am sold publicly
    Speak my mind, take my time
    In the sky, I am fly
    If you're low, come with me
    Cause i can get you hella high
    Join my crew, be my friend
    Tomorrow night we do it again
    Same time, different place
    What an ass, what a face!
    What a life you can have
    And you don't have to pack no bags
    Just get on in, and tomorrow night we do it again
    That's how it is, I always does it big
    Your place or mine? A case of wine?
    Baby stop wasting time, so take a flight
    Cause I'm only in town for one more night, ya dig?

    [Chorus: Bobby Anthony]

    [Outro: Bobby Anthony]
    I really shouldn't have another one
    But I'm just having way too much fun
    So pour up another shot for you, me and your friend
    Some Henny Black on the rocks
    And let's all get shameless
    And act famous, act famous, act famous...


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