Ice Cube - Crooked I For All Ages Lyrics
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    Crooked I For All Ages

    [Intro: Ice Cube & Samples]
    I'm gonna get you
    I'ma get you, I'ma get you
    I, I drink (Crooked I)
    (You know the can is black)

    I, I drink (Crooked I)
    (You know the can is black with the funny)
    (Crooked I)

    [Verse: Ice Cube]
    Introducing Crooked I, iced tea and fruit punch
    Damn, I got the hunch that
    All the G's in the house'll be sippin'
    It's non-alcoholic so it ain't no trippin'
    All natural, you'll still be the man
    With your hand around the black can
    I wish had the 40 OZ
    Of the Crooked I, but an iced tea
    Better than the rest, I'm steppin' on the stages
    Crooked I for all ages
    Ice Cube, chillin' on a day that's hotter
    Can't wait 'til they come with the piña colada
    Not a malt liquor, never was
    'Cause some days I don't wanna get buzzed
    So walk past the Snapple
    Crooked I's on sale from Cali to the Big Apple
    And all the G's drink it


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