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    Me Vs. Me

    You gotta sneak to get to the truth the truth is condemned
    The truth is in the gas chamber ........
    Am blowing trees on monday
    Waiting on my G's on Sunday
    Cause really i was nothing in my young days
    Now me and my boys taking pictures on the runway
    It feels good nothing flier than that
    You know you know
    These little rappers come around me they be crying in raps
    But if they diss me with the rhyming they'd be dying of that
    And i ain't lying with that
    Picture me on a kodak still
    Everything i had to do before i had that deal
    I was in the corner posted with my crew and chucks
    Some broke ass niggas can't afford food for thought
    She tried to put mе in the friend zone
    Shе said i couldn't get it on with her
    Until she saw me and her friends out
    And in was tryna get along with her
    You know that timing is everything and everyday a nigga get buried in
    Them gunshots you wonder who let em in
    It's 5 am and my adrenaline suppose to be settling
    But am up like a 95 gentleman
    Eyes wide open got me smoking a lot
    I heard he's a killer but me am hoping he's not
    I haul on my dealer to get a bag and a fila
    So i can kill these gorillas with all the feelings i got
    Thrill nigga for real my emotions come alive these days
    Even scholars really can't define these things
    These niggas on my neck is like the balmain jeans
    I call em off and they go off like *** trains
    Can't see no one else
    Is just me versus me
    Can't see no one else
    Is just me versus me
    I had to get it no matter what
    Vision as a rapper with a mind of an astrounaut
    Spaceship i heard the galaxy big enough
    Big enough to carry all the stars who ain't lit enough
    Big enough to handle all the niggas who get it rough
    And expose them niggas who never did enough
    I be on the rise and am down from the ceiling up
    I can't be down cause i know that they feeling soft
    See i promised my mama ama always be great
    If i dont do that you know the promise was fake
    My nigga i can't relate to that
    Late night cruising down town feeling like a boss myself
    I rolled a couple blunts and i lost myself
    Am talking to myself about a lot myself
    I got so many styles i feel like i should tour myself
    Its easy to catch stones when you sit on the bench
    So i never opinions i just sit on the fence
    I ain't fucking with these rappers cause they really pretenders
    It's such a game so i always gotta keep my defenders you know
    Some niggas hit you from the offside
    Them groupies steady be sliding my dms
    And i ain't playing with the soft guys
    Unless they talking bout paying per diems
    Live and direct find your connect
    Sign me a check last week i almost ran into debt yup
    So to the top bring the earth down
    Its me versus me and its the first round
    Am so blessed, i've been blessed
    I feel blessed
    Fronting on a hater
    24/7 I be stunting on a hater
    Shawty like a diamond i be balling on a hater
    I ain't got the time to be talking to hater no
    I need you to get up your feet
    And make some noise for the world renowned
    Ice Prince Zamani
    Jos To The World
    I need your energy i need you to stand up
    Make some noise and say
    Zamani Zamani
    Zamani Zamani
    Zamani Zamani
    Zamani Zamani (a little louder... say)
    Zamani Zamani
    Zamani Zamani
    Zamani Zamani (Ice Prince they ready for you)
    Zamani Zamani

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