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    [verse1, ILLUSIONLUNA]

    Outside with a body to my right
    Motha fucka outta sight
    When i make em see the light
    When i make em see the dark
    Hang his body at the park
    Blunts shed blunts red mother fucka leave a mark
    Loadin up tha gat 10 know the sound
    Emo bitch slit wrist she bleeding now
    Luna up next but he still underground
    Demons in my brain
    When i'm going insane
    When i’m feeling the pain
    Got drugs in my veins
    Yea his blood leave a stain
    Know that i'm in my lane
    Maddens on my mind
    When i'm all out of time
    1 shot 2 shot yea straight down his spine
    Bitches like you make my day
    I’ll take you out if stand in my way
    Lookin my eyes i got blood on my face
    Luna up nеxt you know that he here to stay


    Just thе thought of you copycat clone poster boy mother fucks got me clickin think I might be sick
    Do it just like lil Jon snap my fingers spittin curses lil bitch I don't think that I need an assist
    Snatchin both eyes steal ya teeth slit wrists drain your blood toss the body inna ditch
    I Disappear into the woods leave my mark upon the trees then I fade into the mist
    Soon to be vanquished
    I up the lightning my bolt thrower stainless
    We Burn down the idols can't trust them it's dangerous
    Can promise your End but can't promise it's painless
    Star eater usurper The killer of ancients
    I conjure the rains I'm the serpent of anguish
    Can't make up your mind that’s why your ass still nameless
    Now your face on the news heard you wanna be famous
    Drill that goofy nigga 1 time for the cult real quick pussy won’t be missed
    Snap his bones now he crying for his ma lil bitch
    Grab the needle sew his lips cause ion wanna hear shit


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