J-Formz - You Lyrics
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    [Verse 1: J-Formz]
    Shit, if I was my dad, I'd be pretty damn proud
    But he forfeited that, cause he was never around
    I got kids of my own, shit makes me wonder how
    You dont wonder about what your daughter is doin now
    Ain't believe me mother when she gave you the news?
    And though, I understand why, it's still a poor excuse...
    Accepted by everyone except the person who made me
    Never met you, but miss you, if you think about it, it's crazy
    I could be just like you and I would never have a clue
    Brought me here, but, don't care about the shit that I've been through?
    Like would you even give a fuck at all
    If I told you every story about all the blood stains on the wall?
    Broken glass on the floor from throwin mom right through?
    You turned your back in every way, don't wanna hear my truths
    I even tried to reach out, you wouldn't accept proof
    Everyone knew I was yours, everyone except you
    But, it's cool...

    [Chorus: Sample]
    **La la la la la la la la*
    La la la la la la la la la la**

    [Verse 2: J-Formz]
    You know, it's kind of ironic, because you work in corrections
    And left me with somebody who's steadily gettin arrested
    I had a great childhood, no thanks to you...
    I'll tell you what me and my new dad just love to do
    He takes me on trips, where we goin tonight?
    Just to kick a door down, and rob someone with a knife
    I'm just a little girl who wants a dad to love
    But he brings me with him to the projects to get drugs
    No license with a 5 year old girl, just rollin
    But I guess that doesn't matter when the car is stolen...
    At least I fit in in class, I felt so helpless
    When I realized he wasn't like anyone else's
    You left me with bad people to see me through
    But I guess they did more than I can say about you...
    You ain't got no care in the world
    Shit, you might have 99 problems, but not your little girl
    And it hurts...

    [Chorus: Sample]

    [verse 3: J-Formz]
    You know, as I started gettin older, kids would laugh behind my back
    Like I was alone not know you wasn't my dad
    I'm supposed to be havin the time of my life
    'Til someboy broke my little heart in two with the truth one night
    "You know he ain't your dad, right?", I'm like: "Of course I do..."
    But if my skin was see through, I'd look hurt and confused
    The collateral damage, honestly, almost ruined me
    There's gotta be a reason why you want nothing to do with me...
    Why do you not love me? How do you not care?
    What the fuck are you like!? Why are you not there!?
    If he can't love me, how can someone else?
    You made it difficult for me to even love myself
    But, oh, I've grown so much, this hardship is my gift
    See, it's a terrible story with such a beautiful twist
    You were the storm, and I'm the rainbow at the finish
    So, I'mma go ahead and thank you for your bad decisions
    Cause, see, I've grown...

    [Chorus: Sample]


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