​j6seph - ​where to go... Lyrics
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    ​where to go...

    (Mhmhmh, Max)

    [Verse 1: j6seph]
    I don't know where to go
    Can you help me find my home?
    Now I feel so fucking alone
    I don't wanna be here, think about life man it really makes my head turn
    Smoke another cigarette till my fucking head hurt
    If I had to change my mind I would've gone with her
    Now I think about my life, am I doing it right?
    Move to LA, had to rearrange time
    I been MIA, you can call it offline (Yeah)
    I just hope you don't waste my time
    Am I out of luck or am I out of time?
    Pushing ninety on a highway I just hope I don't die (Yeah)

    [Verse 2: thekidACE]
    Hope I don't die
    Woah, I hope you don't expect me to be fine
    You made me so stressed, that I just can't live in all these lies
    Hard to even think when living two lives
    All I do is wrong, nothing goes right
    How are you fine when I'm feeling like this?
    Swear that bitch is nothing but lifeless
    She's alright and happy but I get down and I can't stop all the fight shit
    I can't even think cause that lil bitch she get up in all my brain
    Too many narcotics shawty know I'm the best
    I do not, dead, I'm about to break
    Hearing this sound and my voices change
    Calm down, I need to calm down
    These voices in my head, getting too loud
    Everything that bitch said I try it to now
    I wish I could leave but it's too soon now

    [Outro: thekidACE]
    Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah

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